The Renovation pact is an initiative of the Flemish Government to increase the renovation activity of the existing dwelling stock in Flanders. A number of the Belgian REFURB partners play a key role in some of the activities of the Renovation pact in 2017.


First, VITO, the Flemish institute for technology and coordinator of REFURB, was appointed by the Flemish Energy Agency to transform the current Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) methodology into two tools: EPC+ and Renovation advice. These new tools will support energy experts and renovation advisors to draft a step-by-step renovation plan and indicate households the expected benefits of each step and the renovation as a whole.

Second, manufacturer of building insulation RECTICEL was involved in setting up the communication campaign “Iedereen BEN” (“everyone Nearly Zero Energy”), together with the Flemish Government. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness among homeowners concerning nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) renovations and to inform them how much it will take to renovate houses to nZEB level. Keyword of the campaign is “BENOveren” (“to nZEB-renovate”).

The Renovation pact and REFURB have a common interest: stimulating private homeowners in Flanders to renovate their house to nZEB-levels, so both the Renovation pact and REFURB will benefit from each other’s research activities.

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