Knowledge-sharing on energy efficiency


All results and knowledge within the REFURB project are shared for everyone to benefit from the lessons learned about bridging the gap between Supply & Demand for renovation services.


The reports provide knowledge on the following selected topics:

2.1 Demand Side Segmentation in EU and Regions

2.2 Mapping Demand Side Drivers

2.3 Success and Fail Factors of Organizing Demand

2.4 Demand Drivers Tailored to Local Conditions

2.5 Marketing the Tailored Demand Drivers

3.1 Mapping Demand Side Drivers According to the Supply Side

3.2 Existing Renovation Solutions Towards NZEB

3.3 & 3.4 Involvement and Organisation of the Supply Side

4.1 Demand Supply Combinations

4.2 Local Tailoring and Overview of Regional Differences


Have access to all of the above-mentioned reports at: