REFURB presents its results at the world sustainable energy days

REFURB was invited to present its learnings at a three-hour dedicated workshop within
the Technology Innovation Conference: Energy and Buildings taking place on Friday, 2nd March.
The REFURB partners presented the main theoretical results of the project complemented
with the hands-on practical experiences.

(Managing Director and REFURB Project Partner, Peter Rathje from ProjectZero, presenting the REFURB findings at WSED in Austria)

Participants learned on the one hand, how to address market segmentation and how to
compose a compelling offer based on the customer journey. On the other hand, the
practical experiences focusing on single family houses from Denmark, Belgium and the
Netherlands were highlighted as well as the results of applying the compelling offer for
apartment buildings in Slovenia.

(Click to see program in full size)

To conclude, the methodology and the first steps taken for rollout and transferability to
other countries and market segments were outlined.

We would like to thank our active participants from Estonia, Romania, Sweden and Austria
for the interesting discussions triggered.

For more detailed information on the REFURB results, we invite you to read our reports:

The WSED workshop presentation is available HERE.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

(From left: Martin Kikas, Virginia Gómez Oñate, Anne Goidts and Peter Rathje)