Warmer Wonen (living warmer)

Leiedal aims at tacking barriers for housing renovation in Flanders, Belgium

In Flanders (Belgium) the housing market is characterized by a very fragmented homeownership. Around 80% of the Flemish households owns their own house and have built them in a very loose legal framework, according to their own tastes and desires. This state of play constitutes a huge challenge to stimulate deep renovations towards NZEB dwellings due to the morphological and technical diversity of the Belgian housing stock, but also because many different stakeholders (and final decision makers) need to be made aware, convinced, find financing and act.

Leiedal coordinates the cooperation between public stakeholders on housing policies. They aim at tackling barriers for housing renovation (advice, financing, execution of work…) and seek catalysing unburdening of households through triple helix- stakeholder involvement.

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