Nice with integrated solar panels

Bent Jørgensen has transformed the old house his in-laws lived in to a modern energy efficient home

Bent Jørgensen’s dream is to live in an energy efficient home, which produces its own electricity and keeps the indoor temperature at a comfortable level. This is the reason why he is now renovating his entire house. Most installations in the house are now replaced with greener solutions, and on the outside, the house is fully renovated: New windows and doors have been added, and the roof now comes with integrated solar panels. Especially the integrated solar panels is Bent Jørgensen’s favorite. ”It looks so good – and my wife thinks the same. I also believe that they will last longer, e.g. during future storms, and they are meant to last for the next 20-25 years,” he says. Bent and his wife took over the house from her parents. They had not been improving the house for years on end, so Bent chose to commence a vast renovation. Everything inside the house seemed dark and closed-up. Now I’ve opened up the rooms and there is now lots of daylight. The house also had electrical panels, which drew messy dark stripes on the walls. Instead, Bent lay floor heating everywhere in the house and the heating is controlled by two small smart screens. He likes technology and for now, he is on the look-out for a battery-solution to conserve the energy he is not using for another time. “It would be smart with a battery that can stock the energy produced on sunny days for a day where the sun is hid in clouds,” says Bent, who would be happy to lend his house out as a testing ground for such green solutions.