Hand on Energy

Test of Intelligent Energy Management in Danish homes led 9 % energy savings

The project “Hand on Energy” is a test of Intelligent Energy Management at private single-familly houses, where it is possible to control both electricity and heating consumption and to get a visual impression on the energy use over time. The project have shown an average energy reduction at 9 % at heating as well as electricity in private single-family houses. The best result on saving in heating consumption were obtained in households with 1-2 persons, that have the possibility to optimize energy use in rooms that are not in use during the daytime or at holidays. It is the other way around in households with 3-4 persons, – here the best results were on reduction in electricity due to a higher awareness in the family, which more likely is related to a higher engagement in saving energy on use on electric devices, entertainment etc. from the children and teenagers. The test families have all responded that the project that they feel inspired by being a part of a project and the project have made them more aware on energy consumption and more willing to invest in energy improvement in the building envelope and installations too. The home owners also feel inspired to tell neighbours about the project and to invest in the energy management system after the test period.