70 % self-supplying detached house

New roof, windows, solar cells and much more has made this 70 % self sustainable

Many years ago the old oil furnace was cancelled and ever since the energy projects have been lining up. The Krogh family from Fynshav has put in all their energy to make their house use as little energy as possible. This means that today they are 70 % self sustainable. Man of the house, Torben Krogh teaches at EUC South in Sonderborg an his heart beats for technique and new inventions. He uses his knowledge to a high degree when optimizing his house, and several of the solutions in this single-family house is not seen elsewhere. The family can tick by a long list of energy improving means: new roof and roof insulation, new windows, new gables with integrated solar heating panels and a heat-recovering pump, solar cells and collection of rainwater. The solar cells produce electricity that the heating pump uses to warm up their house. As the house is well insulated and has new windows not much warm air is let out. A heat recuperation system means that the family does not need to open the windows for airing anymore. The system takes care of that. Torben Krogh is satisfied with the house as it is, but has more projects coming up: “Next project is to find a solution to make us 100% self-supplying.” He is also working on a solution to reuse rainwater for clothes washing and flushing the toilet.