Knowledge-sharing on energy efficiency

The publications are a collection of the experience in the participating partner countries. To be downloaded or read online.


How to develop a business model for One Stop Shop house renovation

Provididng a tool for both homeoweners and companies

This report adresses two problems facing renovation in the residential sector: The fragmentation of the renovation process between different SMEs and the lacking possibility for homeowners to obtain all necessary information for decisions on renovation solutions.

Economics of Deep Renovation

Implications of a Set of Case Studies

This study by Ecofys intends to provide a notion of the economic feasibility of deep renovations for single and multi-family homes across the EU, taking a case-study analysis as basis. 

Enterprise Network (German)

energy efficiency and CO2 reduction in existing building at quarters level

“Enterprise network energy efficiency and CO2 reduction in existing building

at quarters level”, (Project Report, 2014)

Het Passiefhuis (Dutch)

Wie zijn woning goed isoleert, kan immers meer dan 75% energie besparen. Da’s niet alleen goed voor het milieu, maar ook voor uw portefeuille. Want maar liefst 40% van het huishoudelijk energieverbruik gaat naar de verwarming. Om maar te zeggen dat isoleren u heel wat besparingen oplevert. Als u tenminste kiest voor hoogkwalitatieve, duurzame isolatieproducten.

Know Eco

- Enhancing Knowledge Collaboration in Eco-Innovation

Enhancing Knowledge Collaboration in Eco-Innovation“ (Action Plan for Saxony-Anhalt,

Interreg IVC Project “Know Eco”, 2013)

“REFURB builds on existing knowledge on energy renovation.
Spreading know-how and inspire to act is crucial”