The REFURB consortium paid a visit to several different NZEB (net zero energy) market players in the province of Fryslân during the final meeting of the REFURB programme.

40 participants from Danish municipalities, municipal utility companies and university scientists were on 21. March 2018 introduced to the REFURB toolbox and lessons learned by Peter Rathje, REFURB-partner and managing director of the ProjectZero Company, Sonderborg.

REFURB was invited to present its learnings at a three-hour dedicated workshop within the Technology Innovation Conference: Energy and Buildings taking place on Friday, 2nd March.

On March 6 2018, regional TV reported on the REFURB-outcomes of partner Leiedal (Belgium).

Make sure to mark your calendars for the 28 February – 2 March 2017 and come join more than 400 experts in Wels, Austria at the meeting place for the global energy efficiency community, the European Energy Efficiency Conference as a part of the World Sustainable Energy Days.

At the REFURB Conference, session 2 looks towards the future on "How to generate impact with renovation offers?"

At the REFURB Conference, session 1 the focus is on "How to speed up deep energy renovation dynamics with regional innovation and renovation offers?"

REFURB is held in coordination with Renovate Europe during European week of Regions and Cities

Flanders’ architects association NAV puts the light on the importance of the NZEB-market with a brand new website

Attend the conference in Brussels and learn about how to activate house owners towards investing in deep energy refurbishment

Implementing the EPBD in Germany. Like all the other EU member states, Germany will introduce nZEB standard into building and energy performance regulations according to the EPBD (Energy Performance Building Directive). Therefore, a new law will be introduced:

On March 16 2017, Leiedal hosted the launch of by Flemish Minister of Energy, Bart Tommelein.

In Germany, the tenant rate of residential buildings is higher (54%) than the owner rate (46%). Actually, 16% of the residential buildings are property of housing companies especially in larger cities. Against this background, the highest potential to reduce CO2 emissions is to step away from considering individual buildings towards an overall view of residential districts and neighbourhoods.

The Renovation pact is an initiative of the Flemish Government to increase the renovation activity of the existing dwelling stock in Flanders. A number of the Belgian REFURB partners play a key role in some of the activities of the Renovation pact in 2017.

The smart district project in Tartu has already attracted 22 apartment associations to become part of the pilot area and renovate their buildings, which were constructed in the 1950s and 1960s, as zero-energy buildings. The city mayor is looking forward to environmental friendly changes.

Within the scope of the Horizon 2020 project – REFURB, Aalborg University together with the Danish partners Project Zero and CLEAN, has developed a cost effective methodology to renovate single family houses.

The Belgian Refurb partners Leiedal, VITO, Bostoen and Recticel invited an expert group to getfeedback on the prototype renovation concepts of Leiedal and Bostoen.

Jumatt, a company of the Bostoen group, markets modular turnkey timber frame houses.

Four graduate students in the field of science from the University of Copenhagen were conducting hands-on research in Sonderborg, Denmark during the month of March in order to crack the code of energy motivation among young families.

In April 2017, a dozen stakeholders from the supplier side met up to give feedback on the ideas of renovating packages adapted to Danish conditions.

The rollout of the market concept ‘Schil om woning’ (i.e. insulated compartments placed around the house, combined with solar panels and a heat pump) has started among rental homes of Elkien (a housing corporation) in Leeuwarden. Elkien aims to have 15.000 of her rental homes renovated to nZEB in 10 years time.

Knowledge-sharing on energy efficiency

A Belgian regional TV broadcast on the "climate neutral region" included REFURB.

An app has been developed by EU Energy Post and Shell which shows the essential EU energy and climate facts.

Flemish minister acknowledges importance of unburdening homeowners in their renovation process.

The contributors to work packages 2 and 3 have finished the following reports on their findings. Read about them here.

A Danish pilot project test of intelligent energy management has proved huge energy savings potential.

REFURB was presented by VITO and the city of Leeuwarden in Utretcht where it received praise.

CLEAN has been a part of consortium behind education Better Housing Consultants in Denmark which aims to reduce energy use in single family houses.