Jumatt, a  company of the Bostoen group,  markets modular turnkey timber frame houses.

3D timber frames are produced in the factory of Andenne (situated in  the Walloon part of Belgium). The modules are provided with techniques, insulation, windows, stairs etc. In only one day, these prefabricated modules can be assembled  on the building  site. Only the foundations of the house and the exterior finishing needs to be executed on the building site. This results in a very short construction time.

In august 2017, Bostoen will build the first energy efficient house extension in Flanders,  using the timber prefabricated modules  manufactured by Jumatt.

The experiences with this energy efficient house extension are considered within the REFURB renovation project. Due to the short construction time on the building place, the residents immediately have an energy efficient and ecological extension to their house, that can also serve as a temporary residence  during the nZEB renovation of the existing house. By doing so, the house occupants will be unburdened during the renovation of their house. Bostoen believes that this unburdening serves as an important argument to persuade house-owners to renovate their house to nZEB.

Moreover, further extensions or other adaptations can be executed afterwards by simply adding or removing new modules. So, the Jumatt energy efficient timber frame modules can contribute to the evolution of modular housing in which homes will evolve in accordance with the house occupants’ needs.

The timber prefabricated modules of Jumatt create a lot of possibilities for upscaling the renovation rate to nZEB in Belgium by unburdening the homeowners and offering a fast, sustainable and ecological product with a possibility to adaptable building.