The Belgian Refurb partners Leiedal, VITO, Bostoen and Recticel invited an expert group to getfeedback on the prototype renovation concepts of Leiedal and Bostoen.


Leiedal aims to unburden dwellers and encourage them to carry out renovations.  A renovation coach offers tailor-made advice, guidance and services to homeowners. Bostoen’s prototype concept consists of prefabricated building component solutions in combination with deep energy renovation measures.

To test these prototype renovation concepts on their technical, financial and organizational feasibility, the Belgian partners invited a consultative group at the Recticel offices. The participants were experts in deep energy renovations and represented the supply side (building firms, renovation advisors, architects, professional associations), the government and the research sector.

The success factors and pitfalls of the renovation packages were discussed during the workshops, as well as potential partnerships with different actors of the supply side. The latter led to interesting insights, not only on what the actors of the supply side could offer to the renovation packages, but also on what is in it for them. The valuable feedback received from this expert group will be taken into account in the further development of the renovation packages.