Three rows of terraced houses served as a testing ground for the Flemish research project RenBEN to adopt a new, integrated and gradual NZEB-renovation approach. The key ambition was to try and get the renovation dynamic in the private rental market, the least scoring terraced-housing segment, off the ground. The lessons taken from this project are currently being translated to the other housing-market segments.

At the closing conference, we will be presenting our findings, tools and instruments, and exchanging our thoughts with you on the future of renovation counselling and guidance.

You are cordially invited on Thursday June 22 at Howest, 5 Graaf Karel de Goedelaan, Kortrijk.

RenBEN is a joint project partnering Menen, Harelbeke and Kortrijk city councils, Francis Bostoen construction, Renson, Isover, BBL environmental alliance and Ghent University, coordinated by intercommunal body Leiedal.


Please visit Leiedal to sign up and/or receive further information about the conference.