The rollout of the market concept ‘Schil om woning’ (i.e. insulated compartments placed around the house, combined with solar panels and a heat pump) has started among rental homes of Elkien (a housing corporation) in Leeuwarden. Elkien aims to have 15.000 of her rental homes renovated to nZEB in 10 years time.


The transformation of the rental houses in Leeuwarden is a part of a larger, regional deal called the `Fryske deal’, which aims to entirely cut the use of natural gas within homes. So far, 4 municipalities – including Leeuwarden – are now part of this deal. The transformation of the 55 rental dwellings in Huizum, Leeuwarden to nZEB and all – electric took off in March 2017. Each of the houses will soon receive its very own ‘Schil om woning’. Of course, from the start, the homeowners were well – informed and on board about the plans as well as the (energy) features of their new nZEB home. Afterwards, homeowners continue to receive coaching from an energy coach as to get the most out of their energy efficient house.
Next to ensuring affordable and sustainable housing, the aim of all parties involved in the Fryske deal is also to help stimulate the switch of the building market to nZEB. In addition, this will boost the energy transition and will help create new green jobs within the region. As a result, the roll out now takes place regardless of the fact that this it is not yet cost – effective for the parties involved. By gaining numbers within the rental market, they expect to have the total costs of this market concept drop dramatically soon. Their aim is to rapidly scale up to whole of the Netherlands from there on. The lower costs will also be achieved by innovations, such as automation and robotics.
The municipality of Leeuwarden wholeheartedly facilitates the market uptake of concepts for nZEB renovation. Leeuwarden also participates in the innovative project from the VNG (the Dutch association for municipalities) and “Stroomversnelling” called ‘Fryske Streamdeal Particulier”. This project helps to facilitate the rollout of this ‘Schilom woning’ concept among private homeowners. The concept has been brought into Refurb as one of the compelling offers. With the concept now being applied to rental homes, real – life and practical lessons can be obtained. Lessons learned will surely boost the movement towards fossil free, sustainable, comfortable as well as affordable housing for all. The 55 soon all to be transformed dwellings in Leeuwarden are living proof of the fact that homeowners no longer have to depend on fossil fuels for cooking and heating purposes if they do not want to. They can make different choices now and resort to the green building market to make it happen.