CLEAN to present REFURB project at Building Green Conference in Copenhagen

Building Green is the place to be if you have an interest in sustainable products, thoughts and solutions in the construction/building industry.
It is a growing event in Scandinavia which expanded with another edition in Denmark in 2017 to reach as many as possible! The mission is to illuminate the importance of sustainable building and thinking, and this year it will take place on November 1st and 2nd in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The event is not only an exhibition with products and solutions but also a platform for knowledge consisting of international keynotes, relevant debates, idea pitching and much more. Here, Lotte Lindgaard Andersen, CLEAN, and Per Heiselberg, Aalborg University will present the main results from the REFURB project on how to engage the homeowners to invest in deep energy refurbishment by a compelling offer.

Furthermore, three more CLEAN projects will be presented: “Sammen om Klimatilpasning” (as the effects of climate change become visible the need for climate change innovation is obvious and urgent – this project tend to educate climate entrepreneurs to gain knowledge within treatment of rainwater); “Inno-SE“(Intelligent Building Installations and Behavior) and “Innomodel Byg“(Recycling of Building Waste Materials in Construction).

Find CLEAN on spot 165 in Forum, Copenhagen on November 1st and 2nd 2017.