The findings in the cases below have inspired the REFURB project to bridge the gap between the demand side and the supply side, and to develop compelling offers and new pilots (for example Slim Wonen and Buurkracht).

Energy-parcel package solution achieved 68 % savings on energy

Major energy renovation project in Slovenia

Undertaking a massive energy renovation

Making an old farm house almost CO2-neutral

Reducing energy consumption to an absolute minimum

Post-educating master craftsmen in Denmark

An old house from the 60s is transformed into a NZEB holiday home leading to a 96 % reduction in energy use

Leiedal aims at tackling barriers for housing renovation in Flanders, Belgium

From consuming 1970’ies single family home to low energy

Thorough renovation of a building envelope in Belgium led to lower energy consumption and improved indoor comfort

Testing intelligent Energy Management in Danish single-familly houses